Dita Pilates

Dita focuses on your individual needs ~ within a fun and supportive small group environment ~ with excellent results!

I’m short and my muscles tend to get bulky when I work out: but with Dita Pilates, my body stays lean and more flexible.

Since starting with Dita, I’m in the best shape of my life - and I’m over 40, a mother of twins and travel to the US every week.

- Melani G, SVP, Cable Programming

'I have been training at a gym all my life, and have never been fully satisfied with the results. However, after just a few months of Dita Pilates, I was able to sculpt the body I’ve always wanted. I feel great about myself; I feel lean and strong.

Dita is a great instructor, constantly pushing me to be the best I can be, without forcing my body to do something it can't. Exercising is no longer a chore; it's something I truly look forward to!' 
- Samantha O,  Music Producer 

I had never really exercised much before I took classes with Dita – so was therefore really out of shape and lacking in flexibility. In just 3 sessions, I saw dramatic improvements in my flexibility, posture and the way I felt about my body and myself.

What Pilates has done for my body is truly incredible. I have increased my strength and balance - and feel it in everything I do. It just makes you feel so healthy.
  - Lori M

'' I’ve had the pleasure of practicing Pilates with Dita for over 5 years. At first, I felt giddy when my body responded positively to our efforts; now, that sentiment has become one of pure accomplishment. In just 1 hour with Dita, I feel the difference, and reap all the benefits of a mindfully crafted workout; as such, her classes have become an integral part of my overall well being.

I first tried Pilates because it was the latest trend - lucky for me, Dita was my first instructor. Building strength and definition were my goals, and Dita helped me achieve that…and then some! Over the years, and with much experimentation with other activities along the way, I’ve now realized that no other exercise regime makes me feel as long, strong and lean as Pilates ~ and no other instructor has offered me such a complete transformation of mind, body and spirit as Dita has  - with each and every class - no exceptions!''   - Lara D.


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